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Please call back in 18 years

25 Jun

Before I got married, I naively thought I would start a blog to document all the fun things in life.  Then we got netflix. 

A couple of years later, I got pregnant and decided to blog all the excitement to share with family and friends.  Then I downloaded Candy Crush…oh, and was pregnant.

Now I have a delightful, sickeningly cute, little boy to not screw up…at least not screw up too bad.  And we got HBOGo.

I’m shooting for a retirement blog at this point.


Nursery Furniture

29 Aug
Bailey Crib

Bailey Crib

Bailey Dresser/Changer

Bailey Dresser/Changer

This is the crib and dresser/changer set we just purchased from Furniture Row.  They no longer publish this set on their site, but we were able to order it in-store.

Wedding Pics!

18 Jan

…and it only took me a year to remember to post these.  🙂

Thanks again to our lovely photographer, Miss Julie Cope.

The best of intentions

15 Apr

In the beginning, I thought, “Hey!  Blog!  This will be fun.  I can post ALL THE TIME!!!12#!@klcvxa!”

<insert four month cone of silence due to “life” getting in the way of my interwebs self-complimenting introspection time>

After the wedding, I WILL get back to the purpose of this blog…which is to try new things and document it.

In the meantime, these are consuming my free time…


Professional Life

iAssociate 2